is a system that generates QR Code for everyone, anywhere (i.e. establishments, shops, restaurants) and anything (i.e. jeepneys, tricycles, buses and taxis).

Generate your own QR Code

ScanMo.Co is a QR Code scanner app which aims to provide tagging, and contact tracing between people visiting establishments, and the employees of the said institution. Visitors will fill out a health checklist self declaration QR code at establishment entrances to provide a fast recording system of all they met and interacted with.

This helps in making visitors feel safer to enter the venue and at the same time, aids in contact tracing in case a visitor or employee gets infected. ScanMo.Co will be a medium to facilitate contact tracing to help government or health professionals control the spread of COVID-19.

QR Code Generator

Generate and download your own ScanMo.Co QR Code upon registration which will serve as your unique ID.

Contact Tracing Activities

Scan and record the QR Code of who you are meeting or what place you are visiting.

Health Declaration Form

Fill up the Health Declaration Form with ease and update it real time.

Enterprise Account

Easily manage multiple accounts with your own dashboard and reports. Contact us for more details.

The app will include history of information like who, when, and where you met a person; in the event that someone becomes infected with COVID-19, a notification will be sent to everyone the infected person interacted with.

To generate a QR Code for your establishment, transportation company or institution, sign up with ScanMo.Co. After the creation of your QR code, you can use the ScanMo.Co app to have people scan it for the registration of personal information and medical conditions of the visitor entering your location.